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Fishing Float

Why Sell Minnows?

Prices are based on information received from bait dealers in the Brainerd, Minn., area as of July, 2006. When calculating these projections use prices and information from your area. W used Crappie minnows as an example.

One gallon (or 8 pounds) of crappie minnows contains 120 dozen/1440 minnows. (A very conservative estimate.) The average cost of a gallon of crappie minnows is $25.00. Crappie minnows are usually sold by the scoop, which holds approximately 24 minnows. This scoop of minnows usually sells for $3.00 per scoop. At 24 minnows per scoop there will be 60 scoops per gallon.

60 X $3.00 = $180.00

Cost per gallon = $25.00

Profit = $155.00

That's 600% profit!

Selling 3 gallons per week:
3 gallons X $155.00 = $465.00 profit
In 4 weeks, profit generated would total $1860.00

Food for thought:
60 scoops per gallon, 3 gallons per week equals 180 customers. In 4 weeks this will add up to 720 customers. These customers will look around and will surely find other items to purchase.

How much would they spend?

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