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BaitMaster+ History

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BaitMaster+ is a product line established by Lolkus Outdoors, LLC, in November of 2019, by it's owner Ralo Lolkus. The brand was established to refresh the Minnow Master brand by CED Manufacturing Co., LLC. Lolkus Outdoors acquired the company and its assets in 2019 and relocated operations to Chandler, Minn.

CED Manufacturing Co., LLC, established in March of 1992, was owned by Carl and Joan Brenner and was located in Pillager, Minn. Their intention was to design, manufacture and market a biological system to house live minnows, that would keep them healthy and active. They also developed equipment to keep other types of live bait, all of which could be installed in various types of businesses.

Shortly after establishing the design and manufacturing of the product they adopted the name “MINNOW MASTER Live Bait Systems” to identify it.

In winter of 1991-1992, it was brought to their attention by local bait wholesalers, that the average small, family-run bait shops were on the decline, mainly because the younger generation was just not interested in this labor-intensive type of business. Also, the people left operating these bait shops didn’t really want to put in the long hours. Hence the fisherman couldn’t get bait when they wanted it due to bait shops not being open on a consistent basis.

After some consultation, discussion and research Carl and Joan found that some convenience stores would be willing and able to market minnows from their stores, provided the bait-holding tanks would be low maintenance, odor free and did not require a constant flow of expensive city water. This was an ideal situation because these convenience stores would be open the hours that the fisherman wanted to get the bait they required.

The Brenners then began the research and design of a biological system that would be odor free, low maintenance, quiet operation, minimal use of city or well water and able to fit through their doors physically and fit in the store both physically and aesthetically. With this type of design they found that this bait systems would also fit into bait shops, resorts, hardware stores, sporting goods stores as well.

The cabinet design used today is very similar to the original cabinet design that Carl and Joan founded the company on.  However, materials have been upgraded and more color choices have been added. Water circulation pumps and components, water cooling equipment, aeration pumps, air diffusers and filtration components have changed considerably.


Even today, we are constantly researching better equipment and ideas that become available that we will use to improve our products. In some cases these improvements can be adapted to update existing older Minnow Master models.


Please contact us for more information.

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